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Tell us about your property plans.

We give you our full listening ears, to understand completely what your property goals are. So we can give you the best advices to achieve it.

We give you all your property answers.

Explore your plans and options with us, while we give you our honest and transparent take on everything.

Understanding all your crucial selling & buying must knows.

Here, all important steps will be penned down clearly for you –

• Your Financial Calculation and Budget. Know what your finances are after selling, and learn your budget for buying your next home.

• Timeline Planning to ensure that you have sufficient time to move into your next house.

• We’ll also explain to you how the entire HDB resale process works.

Now, you can make your most informed decision, on whether to proceed or not.

No Sales Pressure. (We hate it too!)

Take your time to decide, we will not be pressing you to sell, and we’ll always respect your decisions.

If you are comfortable with us and are ready to proceed with your plans, we will go full in to help you achieve your goals.

Top notch marketing methods.

We’ll put 100% effort in your property’s marketing. Top Quality images and Aggressive Advertisement is a promise from us!

Your property will certainly attract more buyers than others!

Arrange viewings according to your schedule

There’s no need to inconvenience yourself for viewings. We will only arrange buyer viewings according to your available day and time.

Secure offers in no time.

We’ll put 100% effort in your property’s marketing. Top Quality images and Aggressive Advertisement is a promise from us!

• You are absolutely free to reject offers if they are not up to your expectations.

• If you are happy to accept an offer, we’ll lock-in the offer for you.

You will be in complete control : )

Sit back for the remaining smooth transaction process.

We honour our promise on our 5-Star client service, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that every single detail will be taken care of for you. If we can do it for you, you do not need to lift a finger!

Pay only after completion.

You’ll only need to pay us our commission after the transaction has completed! There’s absolutely no risk for you!

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