How to find out your Estimated HDB Flat Value


As a HDB owner, you are sure to be always interested in knowing how much your HDB flat is worth.

Today, we are going to transparently share with you – how property agents determine how much a HDB flat can likely sell for.

And with this, you can easily do your own research preparation, before you meet up with property agents to discuss about your HDB resale plans.


To find out the estimated selling price of your HDB flat, these are the 2 most trusted methods you just need to know:

Recent Transaction Data

This is the most commonly used method.

If today you found out that your neighbour had just sold their flat at $600k, you likely will also feel that this should be the estimated value of your flat now.

And yes, this is how estimated HDB valuation works too.

Here’s how HDB decides the value of your flat –

The core basis on how HDB determines your flat value, is pegged to the surrounding transacted prices of your flat.

So, looking at the transacted prices of similar units around your HDB cluster, will give you a very good gauge on how much your flat can sell for.


All transacted prices are transparently published on HDB’s website.

You can check it out here: HDB Resale Flat Prices

Looking at the data, it should be a no-brainer to determine your flat’s estimated selling price.

But nonetheless, let’s still give you some tips on looking at the Resale Prices Data.

In a nutshell, you should compare your flat with transacted flats that are of similar:

• Storey Level

• Unit Size Area

• Lease Commencement Date

What if there are no results of similar transacted units in my block?

Then you will need to expand your search to other nearby blocks.

You can see what are the nearby blocks here: HDB Map Services

The transacted price difference is huge and you are still unable to figure out how much your flat can sell for?

Yes, at times, you may encounter this when the transacted price differences are simply too huge for you to decide.

Normally for such a situation, HDB owners will likely take reference from the highest transacted price..

After all, who doesn’t hope to sell higher, right?

But coming back to reality, let’s show you another easier way that can instantly show you the estimated value of your flat without any analytical or guessing work.

Property Valuation Tools

Today, there are more and more online tools that are vying to help you determine your flat value.

But, we will just share with you the most trusted and commonly used online property valuation tool.

(Because there’s no benefit for yourself by getting confused with so many valuation figures – when at the end of the day, it is still HDB’s Valuation Report that is final)

And most importantly, this is Free!


If you have not heard of this before, it is the SRX X-Value.

This is one of the most popular valuation tool among property buyers and property agents.

And you can click here: SRX X-Value to easily find out your estimated flat value.

Do note that you will need to sign up for a free account in order to use this tool.


Now that you know how property agents advice HDB sellers on their flat selling price, you can use these 2 methods to do a little pricing homework, before you consult your trusted agent on your property plans..

And we assure you that there will be no shocks or surprises when setting your desired selling price with your property agent.


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